You and your puppy are invited to our Puppy Parties! Socialisation for puppies at an early age is extremely important to help ensure your puppy develops into a well balanced adult dog. One of the great ways of doing this is to mix with lots of other dogs in a safe environment.

We regularly hold Puppy Parties at our Margate Birchington branches for puppies up to the age of 14 weeks, who have had their 1st vaccination. Our parties consist of three sessions, various start times and dates please contact us for more details.

The aim of these sessions is to have fun and socialise your puppy in a safe and controlled environment. This will be a very positive experience for you and your puppy and will help you both to bond.

At the party we will discuss

  • Puppy play and why it is important
  • Nutrition and the best food for your puppy
  • Basic training and positive reinforcement
  • Micro-chipping - how it could give you peace of mind and soon a legal requirement for dogs
  • How to examine your puppy yourself, between vet visits
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet Care Plan, insurance and how to spread the costs
  • How to protect your puppy against fleas, worms & ticks
  • Neutering

So that you and your puppy can make the most of the party, we invite only 6 puppies at a time. The three parties cost only £15 and Pet Health Club members get £5 off. This includes an exciting goodie bag.

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