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Advice on vaccinating your pet

Information about vaccinating your cat, dog and rabbit. Vaccintions are just one of the many benefits of The Pet Health Club.

Dog Vaccinations

Dogs need to have yearly vaccines to keep them protected against deadly diseases.

These diseases are:

  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis

When should I vaccinate my puppy?

Vaccination courses are usually started from 8 weeks of age, with further injections required 2 and 4 weeks later. Puppies must be at least 10 weeks' old for the second vaccination. It is important that puppies do not interact with unvaccinated dogs - or venture outside to where they may have been - until one week after the second vaccination. In some circumstances, the vet may recommend a third parvovirus injection when the puppy is 16 weeks of age or older.

It is important to vaccinate puppies as early as possible so that they can begin to socialise with other dogs. We do usually recommend not starting the vaccination course until they are fully settled into their new home, normally approximately one week after you pick them up!

Kennel Cough vaccination

Kennel Cough is a very infectious virus that your dogs can catch from other dogs. Despite its name, the virus can be caught anywhere, is also airborne and can be transmitted by objects and plants.

Your dog will need to be vaccinated every year to keep up with immunity. Many kennels and Day Cares will require vaccination before taking your dog. Onset of immunity is five days after vaccination so if required for kennels, always make sure it is done well in advance.

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Cats need yearly vaccines to keep them protected against deadly diseases.

These diseases are:

  • Cat Flu
  • Feline enteritis
  • Feline leukaemia

When should I vaccinate my Kitten?

Kittens usually start their vaccination course from 9 weeks of age. The course consists of two vaccines, 3-4 weeks apart. Kittens should not interact with other (unvaccinated) cats, or venture outside, until three weeks after their second vaccination. We advise you keep your kitten inside until they are neutered to avoid any unwanted litters.

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Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbits, particularly those who have access to a garden or fresh vegetation from the garden, should be vaccinated every year to protect them against deadly diseases.

These diseases are:

  • Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD)
  • Myxomatosis
  • VHD 2

Myxomatosis in particular can be spread by contact with mosquitoes and fleas as well as direct contact with other rabbits. It is therefore important to vaccinate even if your bunnies live indoors.

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