Our experienced Veterinary surgeons along with our well qualified and caring nursing team can offer most of the procedures that your pet may require. All surgical procedures are carried out at our hospital at Margate.

We offer a wide range of both soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. Some of these procedures can be done on a day patient basis and your pet will be able to go home later the same day. 

Soft tissue surgery involves working on the skin and internal organs, and ranges from simple wound repairs and routine neutering to complex wound reconstruction, thoracic or abdominal surgery. Common abdominal procedures include foreign body removal from dogs gastrointestinal tract. You might see some of our naughtier patients on our facebook page.

Orthopaedic surgery includes working on the bones, joints and muscles of the musculoskeletal system. Following examination and diagnostic testing your vet will discuss the options available for your pet.

Where a procedure is needed that is more specialised, we will not hesitate to discuss the referral options available. We will always aim to offer the best option for your pet.

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