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Book your cat in for their next holiday

A well-kept, safe and clean cattery is what every cat owner should be looking for when seeking to board their cat. Our cattery offers the same gold standard service offered within our veterinary group. You know that your pets will be well cared for.

At our Birchington branch we have a fully equipped cattery with 14 pens, some of which can hold up to 4 cats*.
We can only accept cats with up to date vaccinations for Feline Enteritis, Feline Calici and Herpes viruses (cat flu), that have been treated for flea and worm parasites and neutered.

We recommend a minimum time between receiving a booster vaccination and entry into the cattery of 14 days. This will allow any adverse reactions to the drugs to clear, and will ensure your cat is fully protected. In the unlikely event that your cat does become unwell, we will do whatever is required to ensure the best care for your cat. All veterinary care will be provided by Thanet Vets unless otherwise stated on the booking form. All treatment and care charges are the responsibility of you, the cat’s owner. We will endeavour to inform you if cost goes over the price of a standard consult fee.

You are very welcome to come and view our cattery - please contact us at any time to arrange a visit. If you would like to book your cats in to stay with us please call to check availability. For more information please visit the Thanet Cattery website.

We look forward to welcoming you and your cat to Thanet Cattery!

*Prices vary between pen size.