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Pre-Purchase Consults

Free advice on purchasing a pet

At Thanet Vets, along with other My Family Vets practices; we have launched a new FREE consultation, that helps you find your perfect pet. We are really excited to be able to offer this Pre-Purchase consultation, as we feel it will give both you the owners and the pets themselves, the best chance to have a happy household. 

By taking this advice; we know the pet is going to be well looked after and you the owners aren’t struggling with regards to space, time or money for your new pet, and you can give them all the love and attention they need, and they’ll give it back ten-fold.

There are 3 main discussion points during the consultations, we will talk about: Environment, Dog or Cat depending on preference and You the potential owner.

Why will it help?
Well, we will help you look at all the things to consider when taking on a new pet, some you may not have even considered, so our expert nurses will talk to you about the pitfalls to avoid and what we would advise as a good idea for your pets, such as Insurance, the right diet, grooming, lifestyle, and preventative healthcare.

Finding the Perfect Dog
Finding the Perfect Cat